Early Schools of Delaware County

3rd-11th Graders


Early Schools of Del County

What would it be like to attend school in the 19th century in Liberty Township?

To schedule this program email stansherrycarmichael@msn.com.


We will bring this program to your school or organization online via YouTube or in person.

Length of time:

Video is approximately 25 minutes. The in person program can be adapted to fit your schedule.


This program is presented through a partnership with the Powell Historical Society. The cost follows their fee structure.


Ohio Social Studies Content Standards Addressed

3rd Grade: 4th Grade: 5th Grade:
History: 1, 2,3
Geography: 5, 7
Government: 9
History: 1, 2, 3
Government: 16
History: 1
Economics: 18
   6th Grade:  7th Grade: 8th Grade
ELA: RH 6-8.1, 2 ELA: RH 6-8.1, 2 History: 1
Geography: 17
Government: 20