Educators & Parents

Dear Teachers, Parents, and Home School Programs,

Our Curriculum Support Committee was established to create programs based on the local history of Delaware County. Though our target audience started with the county schools we have also presented programs to scouting organizations, church groups, public and private schools and other community organizations including The Arts Castle, SourcePoint, Willow Brook, Stratford Ecological Center, and more.

We have programs that are both in-person and virtual to accommodate a variety of audiences whether we go into a classroom, schedule a visit to our facilities for a morning-long session, or arrange for individuals or groups to view the program via the Internet.

The members of the Curriculum committee are former educators,with experience that spans a range of grade levels and special areas. Committee members have a working knowledge of not only various learning styles but also plan each activity based on the current Ohio’s Learning Standards Social Studies. We invite you to browse the following pages of program descriptions with grade level recommendations, lesson plan ideas, walking tours, field trip possibilities, and hands-on learning experiences based on the history of Delaware County.

All programs have been revised to reflect the 2018 State of Ohio Standards for Social Studies Content. Click the title to view the standards addressed by each program by grade.

Click title for more information:

What is An Artifact? – 1st, 2nd grades
Delaware Then and Now Artifact Cart – 1st, 2nd, 3rd grades
1800s Ohio Schools – 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th grades
Teacher Tote Bag Program – 3rd grade
Walking Tour of Early Delaware – 3rd grade
Tour of the Nash House – 3rd grade
Scavenger Hunt in the Cryder Research Center – 3rd grade
Walking Tour on Winter Street – 3rd grade
The Underground Railroad Experience – 4th, 5th, 8th grades
Early Settlers and American Indians of Delaware County – 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th grades
Voices of the Underground Railroad Readers’ Theater – 5th, 8th grades



Click HERE to learn more on Delaware Ohio Virtual History’s website!

The Delaware County Historical Society is a non-profit organization funded by donations and memberships. In order to keep our facilities such as the Nash House, The Meeker Homestead, and the Cryder Research Center open and programs available, we would appreciate any financial contribution your school, PTO, or organization can provide.

For the Underground Railroad Experience and the Early Settlers and American Indians of Delaware County programs we ask for $5.00 per student. For all other programs we suggest a fee or donation of $50.00 for small groups(up to 50 people), or $100.00 for larger groups.

These fees are negotiable so that all children and interested adult groups can receive the benefit of our programs.

The Curriculum Support Committee for the Delaware County Historical Society organized in 2012 under the leadership of Brent Carson, a lifelong Delaware resident and former social studies teacher for Delaware City Schools. Brent recruited retired teachers from local school districts to start this committee. Once this group of teachers got together and saw the wealth of materials at the Historical Society, they recognized the huge programing potential opportunity and began to work on ways to get these materials into the hands develop programs to share with teachers and students.

The Committee started by created a traveling tote bag program based on the Ohio Learning Standards for Social Studies for third grade, as local history is emphasized at this grade level. A wonderful grant from the Williams Street Church Foundation allowed this program to grow.  In 2016, the tote bag program was recognized with an Outstanding Achievement Award from the Ohio History Alliance. The next project developed using the rich Underground Railroad history in the County. Since then, more programming continues with research projects looking into the American Indians and early settlers to this area, the history of Africa Road and Black Americans in Delaware County, artifact carts to the schools, tours of Downtown Delaware, and the tote bags keep evolving to add more topics.

We continue to add members to the committee as interest increases in the community. In 2021, we have both retired and current classroom teachers working on our projects. Our program offerings continue to grow and evolve as more ideas come to our attention from teachers, parents and community members.

The Curriculum Support Committee recognizes the following organizations for the donations and financial support for our projects for local schools and organizations.

As a non-profit organization, the Delaware County Historical Society relies on grants, donations, and memberships to fund our facilities and programs. We could not move forward without the generous support of these local organization.

We salute and thank you!

  • AEP (American Electric Power),
  • The Charles and Betty Sheets Family Fund,thorough the Delaware County Foundation
  • Delaware City Schools,
  • Delaware County Foundation,
  • Delaware County Commissioners,
  • Delaware Kiwanis,
  • Delaware Rotary International,
  • Ohio Arts Council,
  • William Street Church Foundation.