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Our Newsletters & Blogs are designed to keep our members and the Delaware County Community up-to-date on all the latest news & events of the Society.  ENJOY!

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A special thanks to our author & editor, Rick Fisher.

The Delaware County Historian is published at least biannually by the Delaware County Historical Society, Inc.

The Historian is the membership newsletter of the society. Each issue contains researched articles of Delaware County history with supporting images. Also included is news of society program and events, donations, awards, and other articles of interest to the members.

The Historian is sent to each member as part of their annual membership dues. It is important to the Society to keep the members informed.

Contributions of original historical research concerning Delaware County, Ohio, are welcome.

Newsletter Editor: Steve Shaw

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Delaware County Historical 2023 Spring cover






DCHS Historian – Spring 2023



DCHS Historian 2022 Fal
DCHS Historian 2021 Fall
DCHS Historian 2021 Spring

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The Delaware County Historic Happenings is published via Constant Contact bi-monthly by the Delaware County Historical Society, Inc.
It is designed to keep our members and the Delaware County Community up-to-date on all the latest news and events of the Society.

What’s in the Delaware County Historic Happenings

Historic Happenings includes fresh relevant articles and regular features including:

  • Upcoming Event List – Programs and Events coming soon
  • Delaware County Historical Society Activities
  • Help Wanted – highlights volunteer opportunities to help the Society

Historic Happenings is written and published by Editor, Donna Meyer, DCHS Executive Director.



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Historic Happenings  January 2023

Historic Happenings February 2023

 Historic Happenings March 2023

Historic Happenings April-May 2023

The DelAware is a colorful magazine highlighting the people, events, exhibits and programs of the Delaware (Ohio) County Historical Society.
A printed copy is mailed to members and donors. The web version is shared here with our broad community.

The DelAware is published three (3) times a year (February, June and November).

The DelAware is published by Editor: Margaret Duber Snyder

What’s in the DelAware

The DelAware features fresh articles about the Delaware County Historical Society:

  • People: The DelAWARE highlights our staff and the diversity and contributions of our volunteers, allowing our readers to see the “who” of the DCHD.
  • Events: We want our readers to know about the diversity events on our up-coming calendar, so that they can join us for activities that speak to their interests or just stop by and get to know us.
  • Exhibits: By providing news of our exhibits, especially the new ones, we encourage our community to come and see what we have to offer.
  • Programs: It is fun to showcase some of the creative ways we share our knowledge with our community.

Previous Editions:  The DelAware #4 2022-11   The DelAware #3 2022-06   The DelAware #2 2022-02       The DelAware #1 2021-07