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Welcome to our gateway to historical resources about Delaware County Ohio; its history, places, people, and events.
The references are divided to keep each page easily viewed.

The Delaware County Historical Society has extensive collections of Delaware County artifacts and objects. In April 2010, volunteers began a project to scan and catalog the pictures which are owned by the Society using the PastPerfect cataloging software. As of December 2016, we have scanned nearly 12,000 of the pictures and have made over 8,500 available via this web site.  Click HERE to visit!

Delaware County History Network is a cooperation of the county’s history-related organizations with history-related content for the benefit of the communities, history researchers, and visitors. The Network includes libraries, museums, a history park, and the county records center.
The network’s purpose is “Sharing our rich heritage”.

Something Missing?

Do you know of another library, historical society or museum with Delaware County Ohio history content?   We will be happy to add it to this page, drop a note in our Suggestion Box.

Here you will find history websites that contain information and images of historic Delaware County Ohio.  For some sites, we have included links to specific webpages that are relevant to Delaware County.

Delaware County Historical Society PastPefect Online
The Delaware County Historical Society has extensive collections of Delaware County artifacts and objects.  In April 2010, volunteers began a project to scan and catalog the pictures which are owned by the Society using the PastPerfect cataloging software. As of December 2016, we have scanned nearly 12,000 of the pictures and have made over 8,500 available via this web site.

Delaware County Memory
Delaware County Memory - History Websites - Delaware County OhioDelaware County Memory is a rich repository of Delaware County documents from various areas of the county. It contains some Delaware County documents: Tax Duplicates for all townships for 1827-28, Marriage Records Vol.1 1835-1845, Delaware County Transcribed Wills 1812-1835.  It also has The Sunbury News (1909-1931) and the Sunbury News Obituary Index (1909-1918, 1920, 1923-1978).  This website is sponsored by the Community Library Foundation.

Our Shared History
Our Shared History - History Websites - Delaware County OhioThe histories of the City of Delaware, the Methodist Episcopal Church, and Ohio Wesleyan University are deeply intertwined. In a very real sense, the three grew up together. A confluence of events during the early years of the 19th century resulted in the birth of a beautiful city and a college nestled next to a Sulphur Spring.  This website presents in imagery and text the history of the city, the church, and the college up to 1900. Our Shared History is a project of Ohio Wesleyan University
Website:  Our Shared History

Ostrander and Scioto Township History Digital Library
A privately developed website of history and genealogy including Underground Railroad activity in the Scioto Township.  Through contributions for residents, the website sheds light on a number of Ostrander and Scioto historical questions.  The website had numerous photographs to illustrate the stories. Unfortunately, the site ( was last updated in 2011 and is now not operating.
You can still access the content through the Internet Archive Wayback Machine

National Register of Historic Places
National Registry of Historic Places - Plaque - History Websites - Delaware County OhioThe National Register of Historic Places is the Nation’s official list of cultural resources worthy of preservation. Authorized under the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, the National Register is part of a national program to coordinate and support public and private efforts to identify, evaluate, and protect our historic and archeological resources. Properties listed in the Register include districts, sites, buildings, structures, and objects that are significant in American history, architecture, archaeology, engineering, and culture. The National Register is administered by the National Park Service, which is part of the U.S. Department of the Interior.
Website: National Register of Historic – Delaware County – Places
Delaware County has a number of buildings and entire districts listed. Be sure to check under all three tabs to see all of the registered places.

Ohio State Historic Preservation Office (Ohio History Connection)
The State Historic Preservation Office is the official historic preservation agency of the State of Ohio. It has developed since 1967 when the Ohio History Connection was designated to manage responsibilities delegated to the state by Congress in National Historic Preservation Act of 1966.  This office nominates eligible properties to the National Register of Historic.
Website: Ohio Historic Preservation Office National Register

Greetings from Delaware Ohio (website)
Greetings from Delaware Ohio - History Websites - Delaware County OhioA collection of vintage postcards and ephemera. A project of Duane Bargar, of the Bargar Jewelry family. Postcards and assorted images from his personal collection. Most are from the late 19th and early 20th century with few as late as the 1960s and 70s.  Unfortunately, this site was last updated in 2011 and is not operating.  You can still access the home page through the Internet Archive Wayback Machine

1808Delaware (News & Information)
1808Delaware - news website1808Delaware is a new online newspaper.  Publisher Thomas Palmer has roots in Ohio and loves history.
1808Delaware has a Delaware History tag that makes finding the history stories easy.  The 1808Delaware Series: Landmarks of Delaware County, When Delaware County Welcomed, Everything You Wanted To Know About, Delaware County Roots area also about people and places in Delaware County.  Click here to see the guide to these series.

LinkPendium (website)
The stated goal of Linkpendium is to index every genealogy, genealogy, family history, family tree, surname, vital records, biography, or otherwise genealogically-related site on the Internet.  An ambitious goal that it has not yet achieved.  It does contain a good deal of useful information.
Webpage: Linkpendium – Delaware Ohio

Delaware 43015 (website)
Delaware 43015 is a private website that describes itself as offering: “Old” Delaware, Ohio   …….Bits and Pieces of the Past.  It contains Delaware City information, Cemetery, and burial records.

This website is not responding.  You can still view the site through the  Internet Wayback Machine.

Eye on Main Street
This private website is in praise of all the “Main Street”s across America.  Through images and text they remember when “Main Street” was the heart of each town.   The site has Case Studies about Ohio Main Streets including Delaware Ohio.

Old Mills in the United States (website)
A private website documenting old mills across the US. Writing, Photography and Video by Brenda Krekeler (unless noted).  The website consists of books for each state describing the mills and terminology of that state’s old mills along with extensive photograph profiles.
Webpage: Old Mills – Ohio Overview and Index
Webpage: Old Ohio Mills – Delaware Beiber Mill
Webpage: Old Ohio Mills – Delaware Hinkle Mill

History in Your Own Backyard
A private website dedicated to calling attention to the “Hidden Treasures” – old bridges and buildings that can be found all across the country in towns, villages, and in our own backyards. The site hosts digital video and welcomes collaborations.

Remarkable Ohio (Historical Markers) (Ohio History Connection)
Camp Delaware Historic Marker - History Websites - Delaware County OhioRemarkable Ohio is one of several websites operated by the Ohio History Connection (formerly The Ohio Historical Society).  Remarkable Ohio is devoted to the Historical Markers the society has placed around Ohio.  You can select Historical Markers by over 700 Subjects, include all Ohio Counties and Cities that contain markers.
Webpage:  Historical Marker listings – Delaware County
Webpage: Index of Historical Marker Subjects

The Historical Marker Database (website)
Historic Marker database - ind website The Historical Marker database is an illustrated searchable online catalog of historical information viewed through the filter of roadside and other permanent outdoor markers, monuments, and plaques. It contains photographs, inscription transcriptions, marker locations, maps, additional information and commentary, and links to more information. Anyone can add new markers to the database and update existing marker pages with new photographs, links, information and commentary.
Webpage:  Historical Marker database – Delaware County

Historical Marker Project
History happens everywhere. At the Historical Marker Project you can discover historical markers near you, wherever you are. What happened near you?

The Historical Marker Project was started to provide a place to discover history and to show people exactly where the history happened. A historical marker provides folks with a brief explanation of a notable event that occurred in the past. You have more than likely seen many historical markers on your travels across the country.

At the Historical Marker Project website, you can easily search for historical markers that are located near you, or near where you might be traveling. Each marker has GPS coordinates that will help you find the marker. These coordinates can be easily added to a GPS device to guide you directly to the marker.
Link to the Delaware County Historical Society marker series.

Ohio Memory
Ohio Memory - History Websites - Delaware County OhioOhio Memory is the collaborative statewide digital library program of the Ohio History Connection and the State Library of Ohio. On this free website, you can explore digital content from over 360 cultural heritage institutions representing all 88 of Ohio’s counties. Ohio Memory contains over 700,000 digital images from a variety of primary source image types.
Delaware County Historical Society Collections
Webpage: Delaware Daily Journal-Herald Newspaper  issues covering 1916-1918.
Webpage: The Delaware County Historical Society Collection contains photographs and city directories documenting the history of Delaware County.

PHOTOHIO is a keyword searchable repository of thousands of photos, texts and documents relating to Ohio’s history. From this site you can search or browse the collections of Ohio newspaper photo archives, yearbooks, local historical publications and more. A library collaboration project originating with the Grandview Heights Library.
Website: Photo Ohio
Webpage: Columbus Citizen Journal and Columbus Citizen newspaper photos

OhioPix (Ohio History Connection)
OhioPix - History Websites - Delaware County OhioOhioPix is your one-stop shop for rights-managed historic images of Ohio. Over 60 institutions have contributed to the database to make it more convenient than ever to find and use vintage images for your projects. Managed by the Ohio Historical Society,


Old Ohio Schools  [ This website is no longer online, the links connect to The Internet Archive]

Old Ohio Schools - History Websites - Delaware County Ohio

Delaware South School

“When we build, let us think that we build forever.” –Ruskin

A private website by Aaron Turner that seeks to remember every school in Ohio through photographs; as they were, as they are.


Webpage: Delaware County, Ohio Schools pictures of buildings, which once were Delaware County Ohio schools

Something Missing / Website Broken?
Do you know of another website with Delaware County Ohio history content?   We will be happy to add it to this page.  If any of these websites are broken, let us know and we can will annotate it.

Maps are a major resource when researching history of any place.  Online Maps, while lacking the touch of a printed map, offer zoom, scaling, and sometimes search features to facilitate using the map.  There are many kinds of maps. Most maps show political divisions (country, state/province, county, township, etc.).  There are specialty maps that focus on an aspect of the location; Topographical maps, Road, Railroad, River maps are common.  While we are most familiar with sheet maps, maps bound in books and atlases present a collection of maps.

The Delaware County Historical Society’s Cryder Research Library collection includes maps and atlas books along with directories for both Delaware City and Rural areas.  The Society’s Online Catalog lets you search for available resources, for example   Search for Maps.  Visitors are welcomed to the Library, during open hours, view and research with our maps and other resources.

In our research, our volunteers have found online other Maps of Ohio, Delaware County, and places in the county.  To assist our members, friends, and visitors we offer this page of online maps that we found useful.

Delaware County Ohio Maps

1849 Delaware County Ohio - Online Map - Library of Congress


Delaware Co. 1849

1849 – Delaware County Ohio  

Library of Congress

Townships, Landowners, Includes a list of voters in Delaware County.

Delaware, Delaware County, Ohio Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps


1 of 5 images
1890 Sanborn Fire Ins Map -Delaware Oh - Online Map


1 of 8 images
1895 Sanborn Fire Ins Map - Delaware Oh -Online Map

1895 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from Delaware, Delaware County, Ohio

Library of Congress

Oct 1895. Fifteen Images.

Ohio State Maps

Ohio 1814 Map - Carey's American Pocket Atlas

1814 Ohio – Carey’s American Pocket Atlas  

Library of Congress

From: Carey’s American pocket atlas. Philadelphia: Mathew Carey, 1814.

1820 Ohio – American Antiquarian Society

Library of Congress

Shows counties, major roads, and important settlements in each county, including the Black Swamp of NW Ohio and the Unbroken Sandstone Region in SE Ohio.

Ohio Map 1828 - A Finley

1828 Ohio – A Finley

Library of Congress

Colored Counties.

Ohio Map 1840 - Lewis Robinson & Co.

1840 Ohio  – Lewis Robinson & Co

Library of Congress

Ohio–Administrative and political divisions, Canals

1851 Ohio Townships – Colton

Library of Congress

Hand-colored. Table of “Census of the State of Ohio” 1840,1850.

Ohio Transportation Maps

Ohio Railway Postal Map 1882

1882 Ohio Railway Postal Map

Library of Congress

Map shows county boundaries, cities and towns, and the railroad network with names of lines along the railroads.

1898 Ohio Railways

Library of Congress

Shows counties, cities and towns, railroad network with named lines, and a list of “Railways operating in Ohio” and “Electric railways operating in Ohio.”

1976 Ohio Transportation Map

1976 Ohio Transportation Map

Library of Congress

Shows transportation zones, trackage rights, principal stations, distances between rail intersections, major U.S., Interstate, and State highways, and navigable waterways.  Includes “Index to railroads.”

About the Source

Library of Congress

Map Collections of the Library of Congress The Geography and Map Division (G & M) has custody of the largest and most comprehensive cartographic collection in the world with collections numbering over 5.5 million maps, 80,000 atlases, 6,000 reference works, over 500 globes, and globe gores, 3,000 raised relief models, and a large number of cartographic materials in other formats, including over 19,000 CDs/DVDs. The online Map Collections represents only a small fraction that has been converted to digital form.

Delaware County online libraries with history books, atlases, or documents on Delaware County Ohio history.

Delaware County Historical Society

History Library - Delaware County Historical Society - Delaware OhioThe Delaware County Historical Society has extensive collections of Delaware County newspapers, books, atlases, maps,  yearbooks, and personal archives.  Much of this resource has been catalogued in a PastPerfect database.  You can search the catalogue using the link below, many of the items can be viewed online.Website:
Do check out the “Search Tips” to help search the database.

Community Library in Sunbury


Under: Collections / Databases

Ohio History Central Encyclopedia

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps – Large scale street plans — including building outlines, property boundaries, and building use — produced by the Sanborn Fire Insurance Company from 1867 to 1970.

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