The Garth Oberlander Barn has beautiful 1840’s beams, incredible stone end walls, and sixty years of history as an antique auction house.  Our mission is to transform this historic barn into The Barn at Stratford Event Venue without losing its wonderful charm.

We Know Historic Barn

We are the Delaware County Historical Society and we care about preserving the history of the barn.   One of our renovation team members is Board Member Roger Koch.   He has experience in owning and renovating historic buildings.  Roger treasures his historic house in the Northwest Neighborhood of Delaware.  Roger Koch serves as Chairman of the City of Delaware Ohio – Historic Preservation Commission.

Historic Barn Renovation - The Barn at Stratford - Event Venue - Barn Weddings - Delaware Ohio

Easy Stepping Steps

Historic Barn Renovation - The Barn at Stratford - Event Venue - Barn Weddings - Delaware Ohio

Safety Rail and Ramp

Safety First

The first order of business is to make the Barn’s Gallery safe and accessible for our guests.  To complement the existing wood trim we created a rustic railing to guard the edge of the raised Stage.  A revised safety ramp provides an easy transition for any guest between the elevated Stage and the Great Hall floor.  The steps between the Stage and Great Hall have been revised to improve safety with a matching wood overlay.


Historic Barn Renovation - Expanded Floorspace - The Barn at Stratford - Event Venue - Barn Wedding - Delaware Ohio

Expanded Floor Space

Expanded Floorspace

To allow The Barn at Stratford to accommodate large events, the Auction Office in the rear corner of the Great Hall has been removed.  Garth’s Auctions will continue to conduct its famous antique auctions in the barn this year using portable equipment.


Historic Barn Renovation - Prep Kitchen - The Barn at Stratford - Event Venue - Barn Weddings - Delaware Ohio

Prep Kitchen Door

Prep Kitchen

The Barn at Stratford’s kitchen is also getting a makeover. The kitchen will support the excellent food and beverage providers that are our Barn Partners.  The Prep Kitchen wall and door facing the Great Hall have been remodeled giving them a compatible rustic look. A new kitchen door was made of barn door wood. The door’s closure mechanism is a rail and trolley that was saved from another old barn. The inside kitchen walls are finished with a modeern, clean and washable material.

Historic Barn Renovation - Modern Restrooms - The Barn at Stratford - Evene Venue - Barn Weddings - Delaware Ohio

Discrete Entrance


Restroom Renovations

The restrooms in the Barn Gallery are being renovated as well.  Removal of the auction office has created a more discrete entrance to the restroom corridor.  The facilities themselves will be renovated with new fixtures. A lone exception is an antique urinal in the men’s restroom which received a new valve.

To be continued

The renovations at The Barn at Stratford are continuing,  look for coming updates.