This Place Matters - Historic Building - Delaware County Historical Society - Delaware OhioCelebrating National Historic Preservation Month

Here is one of the most iconic structures in Delaware.  This landmark, located at 20 West Central Avenue, was built in 1878 as the Delaware County Sheriff’s Residence and Jail.

This Place Matters - Historical Building - Delaware County Historical Society - Delaware Ohio

1878 Delaware County Sheriff’s Residence and Jail

Shown in the photo are Delaware County Historical Society volunteers Dave Hejmanowski and Jan Fleischmann.  They appreciate the beautiful architecture and history of this amazing structure and know that This Place Matters!

This Place Matters Campaign

The Delaware County Historical Society is joining a national campaign by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, called “This Place Matters”, that encourages people to think about preservation efforts in their community. During the month of May – National Preservation Month – we are asking everyone to think about what places matter to them. Then share what places matter to you by posting a photo of the place with a This Place Matters sign.

It’s easy to participate get the details and join in.

NBC4i Columbus Ohio features Delaware Jail and Society Volunteers

Society Volunteers Jan Fleischmann and Roger Koch were part of an NBC4i TV news feature about this historic structure.  The feature includes  video views inside the old jail and a discussion of how the county wants to preserve the history while re-purposing the building.

View the TV feature at NBC4i – Delaware Co to eventually Sell Historic Jail