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Delaware County History Courier - Newletter - Delaware County Historial Society - Delaware Ohio

The Delaware County History Courier was published bi-monthly by the Delaware County Historical Society, Inc. from Feb 2017- Feb 2019,  It kept our members and the Delaware County Community up-to-date on all the latest news and events of the Society.

What’s in the Delaware County History Courier

The History Courier includes fresh relevant articles and regular features including:

  • Upcoming Event List – Programs and Events coming soon
  • Carson’s Quiz – a trivia quiz focused on Delaware County History
  • Museum Musings – what to look for in our museums and exhibits around town
  • Help The Historian – our request for community help on tough questions
  • Help Wanted – highlights volunteer opportunities to help the Society

 Courier Editor: Lynn Foremann

Courier Archive:

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Delaware County History Courier - Newsletter - Delaware County Historical Society - Delaware Ohio

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