On Make a Difference Day (Oct 22) 2016, a squad of nineteen 14 year-olds from North Union High School descended on The Barn at Stratford. The volunteers were led by Haley Schellin a mathematics teacher at North Union High School. Their mission: To Make a Difference by completing some much needed landscape improvements to the Meeker Homestead Grounds.  They certainly made a difference.

Meeker Homestead

The Meeker Homestead is one of Delaware Counties earliest homesteads. In the 1820s Forrest Meeker built a two story home overlooking the Olentangy River. The Meeker House is surrounded by six acres of lush lawns and plantings that love to grow in the rich Delaware County soil. The Delaware County Historical Society now owns and maintains the Meeker Homestead for the benefit of the entire Delaware County Community. The Meeker House is now a museum which features special exhibits as the society works to compose historical period rooms.

The Growing Problems

The English Ivy planted around the house thrives and wants desperately to climb the brick walls of the house. The brick walls do not enjoy supporting the ivy which degrades the bricks if not removed. Around the house are shrubs that have grown large over the summer and now block views and passageways. Twenty-Nine Arborvitae trees, donated this summer by the Delaware County Master Gardeners, have been quietly waiting for someone to plant them along the creek that flows past The Barn at Stratford. Connie Hoffman, Barn at Stratford Venue Manager, has been watering them almost daily to keep them well until help could be found.

Under the direction of Connie Hoffman, the squad divided into two teams;

  • One team followed Roger Koch, Historical Society Board Member, and planted all twenty-nine Arborvitae trees along the creek.
  • The other team joined Jan Fleischmann, Historical Society Board Member, in weeding and trimming plants, and cutting back English Ivy to revive overgrown beds. Jan reports “The biggest job for my team was removing ivy from a large shade tree near the entrance of the Meeker Homestead Museum.”

The North Union Students Made a Difference

Made a Difference - The Barn at Stratford - Event Venue - Delaware Ohio

Arborvitae trees neatly planted and ready to thrive

Make A Difference Day

On one day each year, we want to inspire the nation to make a difference. Make A Difference Day is one of the largest annual single-days of service nationwide. No matter who you are or where you’re from, everyone has the power to do something that improves the life of another. Whether it’s starting a project that helps one person, or working on one that benefits a whole community, every contribution makes a difference.

Delaware County Make A Difference Day

Connections Volunteer Center is hosting their 10th annual Make A Difference Day event. Volunteers contribute their time to Make A Difference. Senior adults receive requested help with leaf raking, garden clean up, and other outdoor projects. Local nonprofits receive help with things such as painting, organizing, and yard work.

Our Inspiration Connections Volunteer Center’s goal isto partner with seniors and agencies to get thousands of hours of work completed for those who don’t have the resources to complete the projects otherwise. Activities: Painting, Cleaning, Yard Work, Organizing, Planting Trees