Adopt a Memory – Revolutionary War Breeches


Revolutionary War breeches cloth trimmed in leather

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This garment is a men’s military uniform breeches from the Revolutionary War. The breeches are a yellowish-brown in color, made of buckskin. At the middle of the front, there is a large flap connected by two brass buttons to the rest of the garment.  Above this flap, a slit can be found that attaches the two halves of the breeches together by one large brass button.

Each pant sleeve is cuffed and has a slit that runs bout halfway up the leg.  This slit can be buttoned together by four (4) small buttons.  Two pockets can be found on the front of the breeches with an extra smaller pocket above the large pocket on the right-hand side.  The waist is also cuffed and is attached in the back by two sets of cords.  Four (4) silver buttons can be found around the waistline: two in front and two in back.  On the waistline interior, the material is of a smooth texture but the rest of the garment’s interior appears rough and scratchy to the touch.

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