Searching for Ervin A Boy from Columbus. A Man of Delaware.


Searching for Ervin: A Boy from Columbus, A Man from Delaware, A Portrait and Memoir.
by E. Fred Carlisle. 157 p. 

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Searching for Ervin

A Boy from Columbus, A Man from Delaware

A Portrait and Memoir

by E. Fred Carlisle

Middle River Press


157 pages

This book tells two, intertwined stories. It describes a son’s search, fifty years after his father’s death, to understand him as a man and not simply as a father. It also tells Ervin Carlisle’s own story from his early life in Columbus, Ohio, until his death in Delaware.He was a coach, principal, and then superintendent in the Delaware Schools, where an elementary school is named for him. During World War II he organized defense training schools and childcare programs and assisted with wartime rationing.

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