Video Gallery

The Delaware County Historical Society offers programs, tours, and walks sharing our knowledge and love of Delaware County History: people, places, events, and things. In our Video Gallery, we are pleased to preserve and share this historical content, interesting information, and fun with all the visitors to our website.

Program Videos

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium from 1927- 2021 Presented by Dr. Michael Kreger

From its humble beginnings in 1927 to a world known institution the History of The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium presented April 2021.

Restaurants and Ice Cream Parlors of Delaware County – Brent Carson

Mr. Brent Carson presented this 2017 program remembering the Restaurants and Ice Cream Parlors of Delaware County. The program drew memories from the audience including special guests.

The Blizzard of 1978 – Brent Carson

On March 2, 2017, Brent Carson led a program about The Blizzard of 1978. The program featured headlines and photographs from the Delaware Gazette. During the program, many individuals from the audience shared their memories of the blizzard experience..

A Visit With Residents Of The Lucy Depp Park Settlement

The Lucy Depp Park Settlement, just north of Shawnee Hills, is Delaware County’s first African American settlement – a community of people who purchased property and built homes on the land that once belonged to former slave, Abraham Depp. This program was presented on February 18, 2021.


The Delaware Ohio Flood of 1913
100th Anniversary Walking Tour

100 years after the flood, Brent Carson conducted a walking tour describing the incredible damage the flood caused in Delaware Ohio.

Oak Grove Cemetery and Residents

The Delaware County Historical Society has been presenting fall tours in the Oak Grove Cemetery highlighting the history of the Delaware County Residents residing there. In recent years, Society volunteers chose residents to research, prepare a presentation with costume and represent those residents to the tour visitors. Their excellent work is now captured on video. They “Bring Delaware History to Life”.

Oak Grove Cemetery Overview

Join the Delaware County Historical Society as they give a brief history of the Oak Grove Cemetery, which is in Delaware, Ohio. Not only does this video include interesting history, but it also includes pictures of the cemetery from both the past and the present.

Oak Grove Resident: Allie Matthews

Allie Matthews (portrayed by Darcy Kaplan) lived from 1869 to 1938. She was the wife of William B. Matthews, who elected City Marshal in 1900.

Oak Grove Resident: Robert G. Lybrand

Robert G. Lybrand (portrayed by Ken Barnett) lived from 1842 to 1919 and founded the Delaware Chair Company.

Oak Grove Resident: Harriett C. McCabe

Harriett C. McCabe (portrayed by Sue Bauer) lived between 1827 and 1919 and was a pioneer author and editor in women’s work for temperance and Methodist missions in the United States.

Oak Grove Resident: Hosea Williams

Hosea Williams lived between 1792 and 1876 and was an entrepreneur and businessman and used his influence to build schools, churches, and highways.

Oak Grove Resident: William Little

William Little (portrayed by Brent Carson) lived between 1779 and 1848. He owned a dry goods store on Main Street (what is now called Sandusky Street) as well as many lots west of Main Street

Oak Grove Resident: Dr. Ralph Hills

Dr. Ralph Hills (portrayed by Steve Shaw) lived from 1810 to 1879. Dr. Hills was a physician, mental hospital administrator, and a leading advocate for starting the Ohio Wesleyan Female College.

Oak Grove Resident: George F. Hoffman

George F. Hoffman (portrayed by G. Michael Hoffman) lived between 1826 and 1903. George opened and operated Bun’s restaurant (on West Winter Street).

Oak Grove Resident:
Ruth Emma (Murray) Dodd

Ruth Emma (Murray) Dodd (portrayed by Nancy Fleming) lived from 1856 to 1903. Ruth and her family attended the Chicago theater on December 20, 1903 when 603 attendees perished in what is now known as the Iroquois Theater Fire.

Oak Grove Resident: Henry C. Clay

Henry C. Clay (portrayed by Tracy Sumner, Sr.) lived between 1842 and 1924. Henry served in Company H of the 5th US Colored Troops in the Civil War.

Oak Grove Resident: The Melching Family

The Melching family (portrayed by Laurie Schaefer and Haidyn Spohn). This family lost their lives to the 1913 flood in Delaware, Ohio.