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Here are a few ways you can contribute:

We appreciate your support of our mission of historic preservation and education.

Meeker Homestead Museum - Delaware County Historical Society - Delaware Ohio
School Children at Meeker Homestead

Each year, we bring our past to life as we teach local history to thousands of school children and adults through classes, camps, programs, reenactments, tours, and exhibits.

We count on donations from people like you to sustain our efforts as we continue to preserve buildings, oral histories, documents, and photographs, as well as artifacts and newspapers, which have shaped our community and tell the story of our rich legacy.

If you would like to discuss supporting one of our many education and preservation projects, legacy giving, or minimum required distribution,
contact Donna Meyer, Executive Director,, 740-369-3831 x3.

Financial Donation - Delaware County Historical Society
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Your gifts sustain us!

Feel free to select one of the 4 donation amounts OR you can choose a customized amount to donate below (minimum of $10)!

Add your single artifact or large collection to our collections

and take your place in history!

Every year, new photographs, archives and artifacts are added to the Delaware County Historical Society collections through the generosity of individuals, organizations and corporations.  These donations help us fulfill our mission to promote and sustain interest in the history of Delaware County, Ohio, through historic preservation.

We Collect

Items made in, used in, or about or by – Delaware City/County.  At the moment we are very interested in items from 1800 – 1850.

Dental Cabinet -
Mr. Nicholas Wagner made this dentist cabinet prior to 1890.

Objects: Clothing, toys, tools, furniture, memorabilia, personal items, etc.

1913 Family Reunion - Delaware County Historical Society - Delaware Ohio
1913 photo of the Williams/Lewis family reunion, at the Pugh farm.

Photos: Especially identified photos but old photos of places in Delaware City/County are very welcome. We may be able to identify some. We are happy to receive photos on loan to digitize and return the lender with a digital copy of the photo.

1800's Day Books - Delaware County Historical Society - Delaware, Ohio
Day books from the S.P. Shur Company purveyor of dry goods, 1854—1890s

Archives: Records created by local organizations, businesses, government, and reminisces of Delaware City/County residents, unpublished manuscripts, etc.

Railway History Book - Delaware County Historical Society - Delaware Ohio
History of the Columbus, Delaware, and Marion electric railway.

Books: About Delaware City/County or by Delaware Residents

Why We Do This:

  • Answer Questions about the history of the county
  • Write articles about the history of Delaware County
  • Create instructional materials for teachers
  • Set exhibits at the Hair Studio in Delaware, Nash House Museum, and the Meeker House Museum
  • Preserve the history of the County
  • Share the history of Delaware with children


Q: Does the Delaware County Historical Society do appraisals and will they appraise my donation for monetary value?
A: The Society does not provide appraisals for any reason as the Internal Revenue Service regards museums and libraries as interested parties and thus to appraise an item is a conflict of interest. However, professional appraisers do perform this service for a fee. To find a licensed appraiser in your area, contact the American Society of Appraisers, the International Society of Appraisers, or the Appraisers Association of America for a referral

Q: Can I receive a tax deduction for my donation?
A: All donations accepted by the Delaware County Historical Society are considered charitable contributions to a not-for-profit organization.

Q: How are potential donations received?
A:Donation offers are reviewed by the Society Collections Committee. The Committee is made up of volunteers and local historians knowledgeable about both the scope of our existing collection as well as the conservation issues associated with artifact care. The Committee sends out a letter of acceptance after the artifact has been reviewed; this process can take from one to four months.

Q: Does the Delaware County Historical Society accept long-term loans?

A: The Society does not accept long-term loans unless an exhibit requires such an artifact. The Society often accepts short term loans for specific exhibits or programs; we prefer to commit our resources to the storage and preservation of materials in the collection.

Q: If I donate an artifact to the Delaware County Historical Society, will it be returned to me at my request?

A: After an artifact is accessioned and becomes a part of the Delaware County Historical Society collection, it cannot be returned to the donor. Once the Collections Committee accepts your donation for the collection, your Deed of Gift form legally transfers ownership of the artifact to the Society.

Donation To The Delaware County Historical Society Collection

With this form you are offering an item(s) as a gift for the Delaware County Historical Society’s collection of historical artifacts.

A limited number of sponsorship opportunities are available. Your investment in program sponsorship gives you a great opportunity to reach a large segment of the population in Delaware County and beyond.

Our programs, most of which are available to the public at no charge, “Bring history to life” with expert speakers, interesting topics, colorful images, video, exhibits, and lively discussion.  Attendance at our programs averages over 120 people.  Look over our Program Schedule

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Adopt-a-Memory offers you an opportunity to assist the Delaware County Historical Society and gain the satisfaction of personally contributing to the preservation of historical objects for the education and enjoyment of current and future generations.

Adopt-a-Memory as a Guardian

To become a guardian, you contribute funds needed to catalogue, curate, care and preserve the objects, collections and rooms of the Historical Society for one calendar year.

Guardians can be individuals, families, schools, civic and social groups or companies. And of course, the adoption makes the perfect gift for someone who is a history buff or who has everything and does not want to accumulate more possessions but would rather have fond memories and know that they have made a difference.   Needless to say, the object must remain at the Historical Society under the expert care of our curators; however, you are encouraged to come and see your adopted memory.

Adoptions are exclusive, being made on a first-requested, first-adopted basis for a 12-month period.

Square Grand Piano - Adopt-a-Memory
This Square Grand Piano is one of the many artifacts available for adoption.


In appreciation of an adoption, you or your gift recipient will receive:

  • A Thank You letter
  • A Fact Sheet from the staff
  • An Adoption Certificate
  • A Picture of the Object
  • A Charitable Tax receipt
  • An object label or plaque with your name or recipient’s name will be present when the object is on display
  • Your name or the recipient’s name will be listed in the Historical Society’s Annual Report (unless you wish to remain anonymous)
  • An invitation to exclusive events offered for our Guardians, including an after-hours evening reception.
  • With advance notice, you may request to see your object if it is not currently on display
  • Guardians will receive advance notice of their object going on display
  • A copy of the Historical Society’s newsletter and advance notice of upcoming events

Adopt-a-Memory Opportunities

Look over the objects and pick out your favorite object or select that unique gift for someone special.  Can’t decide right now, then check back here for the most up-to-date list of suggested or available objects.

Click HERE to shop Adopt-a-Memory

  • Adeopt-a-Memory Nash House Dining Room
    Adopt a Memory – Nash House Room
  • Adopt-a-Memory - Delaware County Newspapers
    Adopt a Memory – Delaware County Newspapers 1930-1967
  • Adopt-A-Memory – White House Easter Eggs
  • Adopt-a-Memory 1882-90 Caligraph Typewriter
    Adopt a Memory – 1882-90 Caligraph Typewriter
  • Adopt-A-Memory - 1902 Lambert Typewriter
    Adopt a Memory – 1902 Lambert Typewriter
  • AAM - Warner Coraline Four in hand Corset -
    Adopt-a-Memory – Dr. Warner’s Coraline Four in hand Corset
  • Adopt-a-Memory - World War I Victory Medal
    Adopt a Memory – World War I Victory Medal
  • Adopt-A-Memory - Fraktur
    Adopt a Memory – Fraktur
  • Hosea Williams Portrait
    Adopt a Memory – William Walcutt’s 1856 Portrait of Hosea Williams
  • Adopt-A-Memory - 1928 GE Refrigerator
    Adopt a Memory – 1928 GE Refrigerator
  • AAM Knox Shain Telegraph Receiverer 2
    Adopt a Memory – Knox Shain Telegraph Receiver
  • Adopt-a-Memory - Kerosene Magic Lantern
    Adopt a Memory – Magic Lantern
  • AAM Civil War Kepi
    Adopt a Memory – Civil War Kepi (Cap)
  • Adopt a Memory – The Nectar sign
  • Adopt-A-Memory -  Ornate Baby/Child’s Carriage
    Adopt a Memory – Ornate Baby/Child’s Carriage
  • Adopt-A-Memory - Revolutionary War Breeches
    Adopt a Memory – Revolutionary War Breeches
  • AAM - Starr Family Grandfather Clock
    Adopt-a-Memory Early Tall Clock *Adopted*
  • Adopt-A-Memory - Covered Wagon chest 1821
    Adopt a Memory – Covered Wagon Chest 1821

For further information, or if you have questions please contact
Donna Meyer, Executive Director,, 740-369-3831 x3.

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