Delaware County Fair

Delaware County Fair DCHS 2020 Booth - Ohio Governor Dewine and Brent Carson

It is estimated that about 3,000 people visited The Delaware County Historical Society booth at the 2020 Delaware County Fair located in the Merchants Building. The most notable visitor was Governor Mike DeWine who stopped by on Jug Day, September 22, to talk to the DCHS President Emeritus, Brent Carson, who proudly presented a special button about Hayes to the Governor.


The theme of the triple-sized booth is from our new exhibit in the Meeker Homestead Museum – The Journey to Delaware. The booth featured photos of items that would have been available in a general store, supplies needed for the journey west to Ohio. The Journey to Delaware County display at the fair was created by the Meeker Homestead Museum Curator, Benny Shoults.

The booth also featured information about our Victorian Mourning Exhibit, located in the Historic Jail and Sheriff’s residence, details about volunteer opportunities, and information about the 200th celebration of President Rutherford B. Hayes birthday.

Rutherford B. Hayes Bicentennial Birthday - Delaware Ohio