The Delaware Gazette celebrates 200 years of reporting Delaware History by publishing a special section “2019 Progress”

Delaware Gazette 200 years - Delaware Ohio
Delaware Gazette Celebrates 200 Years - Newspaper - History - Delaware County Historical Society

“2019 Progress” , a special section of the Delaware Gazette, chronicles
200 years of Delaware County history in stories, photos and advertisements.

2019 Progress” features stories about local businesses and organizations that have historic roots in those 200 years:

  • The Delaware Gazette
  • Bun’s Restaurant
  • The Strand Theatre
  • Fidelity Federal Saving and Loan Association
  • Sarah Moore Home
  • OWU – Ohio Wesleyan University
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Grady Memorial Hospital
  • Gibson the Florist
  • The Delaware County Historical Society
  • William Street United Methodist Church
  • The Sunbury News
Newspapers - Delaware Gazette - Delaware County Historical Society - Delaware Ohio

The Meeker Homestead Museum featured the Delaware Gazette in a major exhibit.
“Newspapers in Delaware County” opened with a gala preview party and enjoyed a well attended six-month exhibition.

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