Delaware County Historical Society – History Timeline Milestones

As part of our 70th Anniversary celebration, The Delaware County Historical Society has assembled a Timeline of the Milestones in our history. These are Key events that shaped us into the premier historical resource in Delaware County that we are today.



Delaware County Historical Society is incorporated by the Ohio Secretary of State, with Wilbur Main as its first president.




Nash House - History Museum - Historic Home - Delaware County Historical Society - Delaware Ohio
Pauline Nash - Nash House Donor - Delaware County Historical Society - Delaware Ohio1954-08-16

Pauline Nash donates her home to DCHS, and receives lifetime annuity.




Nash House Museum - Delaware County Historical Society - Delaware Ohio1955-04-17

Delaware County Historical Museum opens; today known as the Nash House Museum






Museum Annex 1971 - Society History - Delaware County Historical Society - Delaware Ohio1971-04-17

Museum Annex is built for $26,000; opens October 1971 with displays and meeting space.




Mendenhall Property Search Tool - Delaware County Historical Society - Delaware Ohio

Curator Marilyn Cryder and President Sharlene Shoaf


Society accepts donation of the Mendenhall property searching tool. Since 1997 visitors have been using this card index to property deeds to research ownership information about their homes and land. Mr. Mendenhall was a title agent who abstracted deeds covering most of the nineteenth century.





Tom and Carolyn Porter donate Meeker Property to DCHS, six acres of land, The Meeker Home, the Garth Oberlander Barn, and the additional mid-century Rear Barn, with storage and garage space.


Newsletter - The Delaware County Historical Society - Delaware Ohio

Sandra Cryder and Brent Carson with new nameplate

George and Marilyn Cryder


The William Street campus is named the Cryder Historical Center in honor of George R. Cryder and Marilyn Moseley Cryder, leaders and volunteers of the Society for about 30 years. George was president for many years; Marilyn was museum curator and board secretary.


Opening Gala


The Barn at Stratford opens as venue for weddings and other events with two gala receptions, one for members, the other for the community.



Meeker Homestead Museum opens to the public on Sunday afternoon tours. The first exhibit was “Presidential and Political Memorabilia” which ran from Labor Day until Election Day.