Project to Document
COVID-19 Pandemic

Pandemic - Delaware County Historical Society - Delaware Ohio
The Delaware County Historical Society’s 2690 Stratford Road location is home to the nonprofit’s business office, Meeker Homestead Museum, and The Barn at Stratford event venue

The Delaware County Historical Society is asking county residents to be a part of a special project created to capture COVID-19 pandemic experiences for future generations.

“The pandemic is having lasting repercussions in our own community and each person’s story adds a unique thread in recording this global event,” said DCHS Executive Director Donna Meyer. “We are looking for recollections to help us capture this moment in history.”

This innovative project, titled “Capturing Current History: Delaware County and COVID-19” is a partnership between the Delaware County Historical Society, Delaware County District Library, Community Library in Sunbury, Wornstaff Memorial Public Library in Ashley, and the Delaware County History Network.

This project will enable future county residents learn what happened during this historic time. They may wonder how we coped with the sudden closures of businesses, lost wages, cancelled real in-person schools, as well as how it affected personal activities such as graduations, weddings, and shopping at retail and clothing stores. They’ll be curious about what we did during the stay-at-home orders, and how families learned to deal with the new togetherness.

We will be collecting written stories, journals and letters, photographs and drawings, audio recordings, videos (less than five minutes, please), and objects or photographs of objects. This is an ongoing project; there is no expiration date.

You can play a part in documenting COVID-19 history for the future. What we collect today will inform generations to come. For more information, visit email

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