Voices of the Underground Railroad Reader’s Theater

 5th, and 8th Graders


Voices of the Underground Railroad Readers' Theater - School Program - Delaware County Historical Society - Delaware Ohio

Hear the Voices of the Underground Railroad and learn what was it like.

Voices of The Underground Railroad
Reader’s Theater

This live and media readers’ theater program consists of a series of vignettes.  Narrators introduce people from Delaware County’s past.  Reenactors tell the documented stories of their lives as it relates to their involvement with the Underground Railroad. A slideshow behind them helps to illustrate their narratives.


We can present this program at The Barn at Stratford map or bring this program to your school or organization.

Length of time:

1 hour


We suggest a fee or donation of $50.00 for small groups (up to 50 people) or $100.00 for larger groups.

The Delaware County Historical Society is a non-profit organization funded by donations and memberships. In order to keep our facilities such as the Nash House, The Meeker Homestead, and the Cryder Research Center open and programs available, we would appreciate any financial contribution your school, PTO or organization can provide.

These fees are negotiable so that all children and interested adult groups can receive the benefit of our programs.

Ohio Social Studies Content Standards Addressed

5th Grade: 8th Grade:
Geography: 9, 10 History: 1, 4
Geography: 17, 18
Government: 20