The Delaware County Historical Society
is pleased to present
a Sidewalk Exhibit of Delaware History:
Black History Month:
Notable Delaware County African Americans

Hair Studio Window - Exhibit - Black History Month - Delaware County Historical Society
Notable Delaware County African Americans

The Sandusky Street display window of The Hair Studio presents:

Notable Delaware County African Americans

Delaware County has a deep history filled with notable African Americans, small African American communities, and Underground Railroad stops. In fact, some of the early settlers in our county were African American women who farmed a couple of acres.

This exhibit highlights several of these significant people including

  • Mr. Elmer Curry, who started a school for African American students
  • The Depp family, one group that provided a safe refuge for runaways on the Underground Railroad
  • The large map of the county identifies several of the African American communities established in the 19th century.

Come view the Black History Month window display and stir up memories of your own. Visit with family or friends and share some memories with them.

Cindy Kerr and Benny Shoults have created a wonderful presentation that brings Delaware history to life through historic artifacts, information, and photographs.

The artifacts in the display are from the Delaware County Historical Society’s extensive collection. Visit the Cryder Historical Center and Research Library at 157 W Williams Street to see more.

About The Hair Studio

The Hair Studio at 33 North Sandusky Street in Downtown Delaware Ohio has graciously made their window available the Society for several years. If you are downtown, be sure to take a look at our display. While you are there, and ask for “Steve” and thank him for the generous use of the space. For a map and directions click here.

About The Delaware County Historical Society

The Delaware County Historical Society is a nonprofit institution. Our mission is to promote and sustain interest in the history of Delaware County, Ohio through historical preservation and education.

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