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“The Harrison House (Part 2). 
Owners of the Harrison House and Its Land (1796-Present)”

by Leslie Blankenship, Local Historian

March 20th, at 6:00PM
at Mt. Carmel Healthy Living Center, 777 West State Street
Free Parking – Directions

Our January monthly program revealed the story of the uncertain, and often stressful, 13-year struggle to secure, preserve, and renovate the Harrison House—this jewel of Franklinton history now owned by the City of Columbus.

The Harrison House - Harrison House Owners - Franklinton Historical Society
General William Henry Harrison never owned the “Harrison House,” but he may have been a guest of its owner Colonel Robert Culbertson during the time Franklinton was the headquarters of the North West Army (October 13, 1812–1813).

This month, we will explore the stories of the 18 families, individuals, and the organization that claimed the land and the house over its 223-year history dating from the days when John Adams was president.  What do we know of these people?  What clues can we unravel by comparing deed information with the known historical events of Franklinton, our state, and our nation? 

A building reported to be the stable where the General kept his horse. This drawing was in a newspaper article collected by Stephen A. Fitzpatrick and Ulysses S. Morris for their 1897 History of the Columbus Celebration of the Franklinton Centennial. The stable was located on Gay & Gift Streets behind the Harrison House on in-lot 125