Higbanks Metro Park - Highbanks History - Delaware County Historical Society - Delaware OhioMetropolitan Park District will offer a third slide presentation by Valerie Mattingley on the history of area that is now Highbanks Metro Park.

New Highbanks History Program !

I Heart the 70’s… the 1870’s:  Highbanks 1865 – 1875

A new Third presentation on the history of the land that would become Highbanks.  The program begins with a brief look-back at the two previous programs.  The focus of this program is how the land was being used, and what life was like for the people who lived there during/after the Civil War in the Middle Victorian Era.

Ms. Mattingley researched who owned the various parcels of land, and what we know about them.  Ms. Mattingley says of the programs “I try to present interesting stories about life in those times, and juicy biographical tidbits if I can find them.”

Valerie Mattingley

Valerie Mattingley is a volunteer at Highbanks Metro Park who has a deep interest in researching the park’s history. She applies a sense of humor and artistry in creating and delivering history programs. Her work earned her coverage by the Columbus Dispatch Weekly programs shed light on history of Highbanks Metro Park for her lively style in presenting history.

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HIghbanks History - Highbanks Metro Parks - Columbus Ohio

Highbanks Nature Center

I Heart the 70’s… the 1870’s:  Highbanks 1865 – 1875

Sunday, October 22, 2pm

Nature Center of Highbanks Metro Park