The Delaware County Historical Society
presents a local history program
World Wide Games of Delaware Ohio
The story of a local company who established a national reputation for creating enduring FUN!

May 16st Thursday

Starting at 7pm

Presenter Steve Schmitt, and a special guest

World Wide Games - Delaware Ohio - Steve Schmitt - Mary Lea Bailey - local history Program - Delaware County Historical Society - Delaware Ohio

Steve Schmitt, Historical Society volunteer, interviewed Mary Lea Bailey to capture her oral history of World Wide Games, Inc.

Mary Lea Bailey, who was co-owner of the business, will be a special guest at the program.

About World Wide Games

World Wide Games was founded in Delaware by Warren and Mary Lea Bailey in 1953.  Warren and Mary Lea operated World Wide Games operations from home. in those early years.

In 1966 they moved operations to its own building.  The building included fabrication and finishing shops and a showroom where games could be played and purchased.  There was a large fire place and Mary Lea Bailey usually kept a pitcher of orange Tang and cookies for visitors.  The showroom was a fun place to spend an afternoon, as many Delaware County residents will remember.

For over 30 years World Wide Games produced games and puzzles as well as related recreational materials such as books and pamphlets.  Their 1955 Holiday catalog of games offered 18 games for sale.  The last catalog, in 1986, was 25 pages long with games, puzzles, toys. 

In 1986 the Baileys retired and sold World Wide Games to S&S Arts and Crafts of Colchester, CT.  Production continued at the Delaware facility for another 12 years with daughter Linda Johnson managing the operations

Many examples of World Wide Games products will be available to play just like it was in the World Wide Games showroom.

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The program is free and open to the public. There will be an opportunity to make a donation, which will help defray the expenses.

To ensure adequate seating, registration and reserved seats are strongly advised for this program

or Call DCHS at 740-369-3831, ext. 3.

This Program will be held at:

The Barn at Stratford - Event Venue - Barn Weddings - Delaware Ohio

The Barn at Stratford
our 1840s Barn Event Venue
2690 Stratford Road, Delaware, OH 43015 Map

Historic Meeker House - Historic Home - Delaware County Historical Society - Delaware Ohio

The Meeker Homestead Museum, adjacent to the Barn, will be open before and after this program. Great Beginnings in Delaware County is the featured exhibit.

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157 East William Street, Delaware


2690 Stratford Road, Delaware