When I came to Powell, Delaware County Ohio in 1987, The newspapers would mention “The Old Powell School”. I looked around town and the only building I found that looked like it might be an old school was a two-story brick building on Liberty St just south of Olentangy Street.

It wasn’t until a developer proposed a multi-use shopping/office development that I found out that the “Old Powell School” had been leveled years before.  The site was a hillside on the north side of  Olentangy Street east of downtown Powell.

The development now stands as Powell Center at 180 E Olentangy Street, Powell, anchored by a church.

I have been volunteering with the Delaware County Historical Society for a few years. I’ve learned about resources to reveal history. I found a Historical Website, Old Ohio Schools, that revealed there was a Powell High School on State Route 750 (in Powell it is called Olentangy Street). The school was built in 1911, closed in 1973 and demolished in 1976.
That’s “The Old Powell School”.