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1902 Lambert Typewriter features a circular keyboard


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The Lambert typewriter is on display in the Gentleman’s Study of the Nash house.  This one-of-a-kind design was developed by Frank (born Francois) Lambert over a period of 17 years.  Although it looks like a label maker or index machine, the Lambert is a keyboard typewriter.  The circular keyboard is connected directly to a type disk that contains all characters.  Upon depression of a key, the disk swivels to the right position descends, and prints through an opening in the ink pad onto a printing surface the size of a lentil.  The paper curls up around a wooden roller as typing continues.  The end of a line is signaled when a small upright spring attached to the carriage flicks against a ball bearing, which then rolls through a tube to hit a bell.  The odd little device was advertised as suitable “for almost everybody.”  You might think it would be extremely rare, but in fact, the Lambert was moderately successful.  Model 3 was produced between 1902- 1904.

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