Adopt a Memory – 1882-90 Caligraph Typewriter


1882-90 Caligraph Typewriter has a full keyboard but under strikes the paper


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For anyone who experienced a typing class in high school, you may remember the typist was not to look at the resulting paper but at the document that was the source of information to be typed. This is the perfect typewriter for those that repeated wanted to violate that rule and look at their typing.  The Caligraph No. 2 was the first machine to use a full keyboard, with each uppercase and lowercase letter and each number and symbol having a separate key. What is novel about this machine compared to later models of typewriters, is that it is an up-strike type, that is the type-bar moves upward to strike the paper on the underside of the platen.   The letter being typed is not visible to the typist.

The Caligraph typewriter is on display in the Cryder Research Center.


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