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World War I Victory Medal is a bronze medal featuring a winged Victory


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The Victory Medal was awarded to allied service members who served in World War I between April 6, 1917 to November 11, 1918 (the Armistice). The medal was designed by James Earle Fraser and mailed to recipients in April 1921.  In the U.S. it was awarded by the Department of War and Department of the Navy, not the Congress.    It consists of a bronze medal with the winged Victory standing with shield and sword on the front of the medal. The reverse side of the medal includes: the motto The Great War for Civilization, six stars, seven staffs wrapped in a cord, the letters US, and the names of the other WWI Allied countries.   The medal is suspended from a silk ribbon with two mirror-image rainbow-colored stripes having the red stripes joined in the middle of the ribbon.   The horizontal bars/clasps attached to the ribbon represents the battles and campaigns seen by the recipient service member.  (Source:; Viewed 10/24/2020)

The Delaware County Historical Society’s medal carries clasps for:

  • Champagne-Marne                 (July 15, 1918 – July 18, 1918)
  • Aisne-Marne                           (July 18,1918 – August 6, 1918)
  • St. Mihiel                                (September 12, 1918 – September 16, 1918)
  • Meuce-Argonne                      (September 26, 1918 – November 11, 1918)
  • Defensive Sector                     (issued for battle/s not covered by a named clasp)

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