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Need something REALLY SPECIAL for Easter or  a special occasion?   The Delaware County Historical Society is “egg-static” to offer a delightful opportunity for you.  Available for adoptions are colorful wooden and glass eggs from the Society’s collection of White House Easter Eggs.

We are providing a listing of all  White House Easter Eggs currently available for adoption at the beginning of the “Description” section (shown below).  You can get a sneak peek at some of the eggs by scrolling on down in the Description section. After reviewing the pictures and the list, if you wish to see an egg in detail or to adopt an egg, we suggest you make a note of the composition (wood or glass), the markings on the egg (note: signatures are only found on wooden eggs, while agencies are only on glass eggs), the color (note the color stated on the list, for example, blue is different than royal blue) and the year the egg was issued.   Enter the composition, signature/agency, color and year in the appropriate option windows. Your egg should appear in the upper left above this note.  If you want to explore other choices, hit the clear button and view another egg. Or to adopt the egg select “add to cart” button.  There is only one egg for each of the eggs on the list.

Please note this process does not work on mobile devices, rather it is functional on laptops and desk tops.


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White House Easter Eggs available for Adoption:


1981 Blue                    Rock Hudson

1981 Pink           Jessica Tandy

1981 Yellow               Billy Joel (Adopted)

1981 Pink           Dolly Parton

1981 Yellow               Henry Mancini

1982 Baby Blue inscribed: The White House

1989 Fuchsia               G.W. and Barbara Bush

1990 Lavender            G.W. and Barbara Bush

1998 Natural wood     Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton (Adopted)

1999 Green                 Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton

1999 Maroon               Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton

2001 Peach                  George and Laura Bush

2004 Marbled Lavender George and Laura Bush

2002 Pink                    George and Laura Bush

2008 Orange               Bush Family Pets (Adopted)

2009 Neon Red           Barack and Michelle Obama

2009 Orange               Barack and Michelle Obama

2014 Purple                 Bo and Sunny Paw Prints (Adopted)

2014 Green                 Bo and Sunny Paw Prints


1995 Royal Blue         Drawing of the White House

1999 Yellow               Drawing White House

2001 Blue                    U.S. Secret Service

2003 Green Swirl        Drawing of the White House

2004 Blue Swirl          Drawing of the White House

2004 Ruby                  Presidential Helicopter Squadron HMX-1

2005 Metallic Black    Drawing of the White House

2005 Translucent         Presidential Seal

2009 Royal Blue         White House Communications Agency

2009 Blue                    Presidential Seal

2009 Peach                  Drawing White House

2010 Egg Plant           Camp David

2011 Translucent         Presidential Seal

2011 Metallic Green   Drawing White House

2011 Marbled Red      Drawing White House

2012 Gold                   Central Intelligence Agency

2013 Pink                    Air Force One

The White House Easter Egg Collection

Available for adoptions are annual, colorful wooden and glass eggs from the Delaware County Historical Society’s White House Easter Egg collection.  The collection was given to the Society in honor of President and Mrs. Rutherford Hayes. President Hayes was born in Delaware and initiated the first White House Easter event for children in 1878.  The Society’s display of White House Easter Eggs is believed to be the largest publicly displayed collection.

Wooden Eggs

Available are wooden eggs dating from 1981 to 2014.  They come is a wide variety of colors.  Most wooden eggs are signed by a President and First Lady.

However a few are signed by celebrity White House Guests, for example Dolly Parton and Billy Joel.

While a very limited number of eggs include other residents of the White House, namely  Bush and Obama First Family pets.

Glass Eggs

The gorgeous glass eggs (created as VIP gifts) carry an image of the White House.  They come in a variety of colors and date from 1996 to 2014.

Alternatively, the Commemorative glass eggs recognize various Agencies or Service Units.  They range from 2001 to 2014.

History of Wooden Eggs

The practice of using real eggs  for the White House Easter Egg Roll ended when Pat Nixon had an Easter egg hunt that resulted in undiscovered eggs that later rotted.  In the Ford administration they switched to plastic eggs.  Betty Ford and Rosalynn Carter wrote notes to the participants and put them inside the plastic eggs as keepsakes.


Souvenir wooden White House Easter eggs first became an annual keepsake in 1981, when President and Mrs. Ronald Reagan hosted a hunt for wooden eggs that bore the signatures of famous people.

Wooden eggs have been the norm since then.

Now, all of the attendees under the age of 12 get a free souvenir egg on their way out.

The White House Easter Egg Roll  has grown over time and, until it was canceled recently by Covid-19, was covered by a lottery with 35,000 tickets distributed.   Winners are assigned to one of five groups that get access to the White House Lawn for two hours with a variety of celebrities present and activities offered to the participants.


If you would like a year or possibly a color not offered at this moment, plea,se contact the Society at and we will see if such an egg available.

For your Adoption, you will receive:

  • a thank you letter from the Society,
  • you or, if this is a gift, the recipient will receive a Certificate of Adoption, which includes a picture of your White House Easter egg, and
  • an Information Sheet about the history of the annual Easter Egg Roll. It also describes how the festivities and composition of the eggs have changed over time.

Your egg will remain with the Delaware County Historical Society under the expert care of our curators.  Adoptions are exclusive and made on a first-requested basis for a 12-month period.

We hope you will adopt an egg and then come and see it at the Delaware County Historical Society, where the entire collection of these beautiful eggs is being preserved.