Adopt-A-Memory – White House Easter Eggs


Need something REALLY SPECIAL for Easter or  a special occasion?   The Delaware County Historical Society is “egg-static” to offer a delightful opportunity for you.  Available for adoptions are colorful wooden and glass eggs from the Society’s collection of White House Easter Eggs.

You can get a sneak peek at some of the eggs by scrolling on down in the Description section. After reviewing the pictures and the list, if you wish to see an egg in detail or to adopt an egg, we suggest you make a note of the composition (wood or glass), the markings on the egg (note: signatures are only found on wooden eggs, while agencies are only on glass eggs), the color (note the color stated on the list, for example, blue is different than royal blue) and the year the egg was issued.   Enter the composition, signature/agency, color and year in the appropriate option windows. Your egg should appear in the upper left above this note.  If you want to explore other choices, hit the clear button and view another egg. Or to adopt the egg select “add to cart” button.  There is only one egg for each of the eggs on the list.

Please note this process does not work on mobile devices, rather it is functional on laptops and desk tops.


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Available for adoption are the colorful wooden and glass eggs from the Delaware County Historical Society’s display of White House Easter Eggs.  This collection is believed to be the largest publicly displayed collection.  The collection was given in honor of President and Mrs. Rutherford Hayes, in that President Hayes was born in Delaware and initiated the first White House event for children in 1878. Since 1878, American presidents and their families have celebrated Easter Monday by hosting an ‘egg roll’ party. Held on the South Lawn, it is one of the oldest annual events in White House history.