Adopt a Memory – Pre-Civil War Loom


Pre-Civil War Loom currently on display in the Connecting Threads exhibit

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The story behind the Delaware County Historical Society’s loom, that was on display at our Connecting Threads exhibit, is that two volunteers discovered and dug up the parts of this loom in the small building behind the Nash House. They worked one day looking through the previous mentioned small building and located most of the parts. Another day as they assembled the loom and they found they had most the parts.  A few days later the remainder of the parts were found and they had what they felt was a complete loom. Unfortunately, the Delaware County Historical Society does not have any verifiable information on where the loom came from, who donated it, or when it was donated. The best we can do is, it’s a mystery. Because upon inspection, all parts were clearly handmade and the design is similar to looms made pre-Civil War we feel that is the age. It was well cared for and was likely used in a protected area early in its life.


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