Adopt-a-Memory – 1860 Seven Room Doll House


1860 Seven Room Doll House with nearly all furniture original at Nash House

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A dollhouse or doll’s house is a toy house made in miniature.  The origin of the contemporary dollhouse dates back to the 1700s, though miniature houses, their furnishing and residents were found in the Egyptian tombs of the Old Kingdom.  The industrial revolution and World War I saw the mass-production of this desirable toy, making them more affordable but less unique. Although a toy, the collection of dollhouses and the creation of their furnishings is largely an adult hobby. (Source:; Viewed 10/27/2020)

The dollhouse in the collection of the Delaware County Historical Society resides in the Nash House.  It is beautifully detailed. It has seven rooms plus hallways.  All rooms are furnished and all of the furnishings that decorate the house are original, with the exception of two or three pieces.   This delightful model was made in 1860 in South Carolina for the children of Captain Miller and donated to the Historical Society in 1954 by Robert Powers.

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