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1928 GE Refrigerator in Nash House was first advertised to the housewife to eliminate daily marketing

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And it still runs!

In 1927, GE marketed a refrigerator with the compressor mounted on top. The unit quickly gained the name “Monitor Top” because the top-mounted refrigeration compressor resembled the gun turret on the Civil War ironclad ship the USS Monitor. The refrigerator entered the market with a price tag around $525, but within a few years models were selling as low as $200, making GE’s Monitor Top refrigerators affordable for many Americans.

In addition to being affordable, the Monitor Top’s hermetically sealed steel case looked modern and appealed to consumers increasingly concerned with food safety and health. It was advertised as “The gift that simplifies house keeping … and safeguards health.”  (Source:; Viewed 10/29/2020

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